July 2015 RE/MAX National Housing Report: June Best Month Yet

The number of June home sales was the highest of any month since the RE/MAX National Housing Report began in 2008. This year’s home sales have now experienced a five-month trend in which sales have been higher than both the previous month and the same month in the previous year. Completed transactions in June were 14.3% higher than in May and 12.0% higher than in June 2014. The Median Sales Price of a home sold in June was $224,671, which was 7.4% above the price seen in June 2014. The inventory of homes for sale also continued a positive trend, with a 0.8% increase over the inventory in May. With a growing rate of home sales, the resulting Months Supply of inventory in June still favors sellers at 3.6 on a scale where 6.0 months indicates a market balanced equally between buyers and sellers.

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Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/46434953@N07/9529996261/in/photolist-fw8HSn-819Ahd-iWCQ6v-o3kqbE-eEFRPy-e8uAnD-drt8G5-5B8uVt-cxztd1-5CVUKp-andeg2-qkeb6o-9VdiZj-41szQC-wHCEP-biRj8K-6zJR1j-87H7rp-wHC12-79MJ1h-87H4ex-a7huiy-qqPCRa-6J2heP-BhGuk-wHCER-781e1b-8uoqhL-ZsQr-nYgabA-wHBZZ-C32sc-od8WVJ-wHC11-8rvf7b-636hyq-tJmcPg-9Vdh9G-khikkq-C2TZU-gtA2r3-a5Znzg-9JgHwf-pLAGoe-anddSi-qG6fm-feRFNx-pxAxm6-8MQjR6-rKzT6v/

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