All week at R4, big-name speakers offer career-changing motivation, panelists share real-life experiences, coaches provide proven strategies and Associates exchange their own perspectives in between it all.

Here’s just a sampling so far:
“Success in this business takes a combination of heart and hustle. You can’t make it only on heart, and you can’t make it only on hustle. You need both.”
— Marti Hampton, the No. 15 Team Leader in the world, with RE/MAX One Realty in Raleigh, North Carolina
Success in this business takes a combination of heart and hustle. You need both.Tweet This

“Remember, we all start somewhere. In marketing, focus on one thing and master it before moving on to something else. Building a business is an incremental process; don’t overdo it or you can grow too fast and get overwhelmed.”
— Andrew Duncan of RE/MAX Dynamic in Tampa, Florida, whose team ranked No. 7 in the world for 2016

“If you control the inventory, you control the market”
— Andrew Duncan, although he was quick to credit the thought to Marti Hampton (above), who helped him as he was growing his business
If you control the inventory, you control the marketTweet This.

“We don’t sell houses. We sell homes where dogs live.”
– Dave Liniger

“Budgeting is looking out the windshield, and a P&L is using your rearview mirror. You need to do both if you’re going to drive well. If you don’t project out the front window, you’re going to fail.”
– Financial guru Dave Ramsey on the importance of projecting revenues and expenses

“The happiest people wake up every day to hard goals. Not easy goals. Hard goals and short-term leverage goals that help them achieve these hard goals.”
– Author Caroline Adams Miller
The happiest people wake up every day to hard goals. Not easy goals.Tweet This
“At RE/MAX, as Realtors, your vision is powerful. A vision is like an internal compass. It guides us through good weather and, more importantly, through bad weather. And it tells us where we’re going and why it’s so important we get there. Every great ascent begins with a vision.”
– Author Erik Weihenmayer, a blind adventurer who summited Mount Everest, kayaked the Grand Canyon and earned a standing ovation during his presentation

“Our No. 1 core value: Authenticity. And it’s much easier to show in a video rather than an email.”
– Kris Lindahl, a U.S. Top 10 Team Leader with RE/MAX Results in Blaine, Minnesota

– Michael Minervini, Broker Associate with RE/MAX Generations in Red Bank, New Jersey, who placed the $8,500 winning bid – while standing on his chair – for lifetime Base Registration to R4. The Big Give CMN Hospitals Live Auction raised more than $87,000 in under an hour.

“We are fierce RE/MAX entrepreneurs. When you get home, do one thing different. Take a class online. Take a live class. Set up a one-on-one with your Broker/Owner. Get into a mastermind class. Do something so that you can get a little bit better and grow forward with the rest of us.”
– Tad Fulford of RE/MAX Southern Shores in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

“Anyone who is making real money, anyone who is on the fast track to success, is learning based. They’re learning, willing to grow, evolve, change and implement. Period. Those are the people making the money.”
– Mandy Fulford of RE/MAX Southern Shores in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

“The consumer is making decisions so much further out than when they get to the front door of the home. And so if you’re able to tell the story of what it might be like to live in a community, then that’s an enormous opportunity.”
– Michael Thorne with RE/MAX Little Oak Realty in Fort Langley, British Columbia

“We don’t recognize others as real human beings until we see their faces.”
— Steve Pacinelli of BombBomb

“When you need a professional, you need someone who gets the job done, who’s that? Is it RE/MAX? Is it RE/MAX? Oh. Hell yeah! Who can get it done for you? Who can get a home for you?”
– Wayne Brady, rapping about RE/MAX during the OGS

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