Are Mortgage Points Tax Deductible?
When you took out a mortgage to buy your home, did you pay points? You may be able to deduct that prepaid interest on your federal tax return — but only if you meet a long list of rules. Read

Tax and Home Records Checklist: What to Keep and For How Long
Want to rest assured you have all the documents you need when you need them, but not be awash in paper? Read

Don’t Miss These Home Tax Deductions
From mortgage interest to property tax deductions, here are the tax tips you need to get a jump on your returns. Read

9 Easy Mistakes Homeowners Make on Their Taxes
Don’t rouse the IRS or pay more taxes than necessary — know the score on each home tax deduction and credit. Read

5 Good Reasons to Amend Your Tax Return — and How
Missed tax deduction? Overlooked tax credit? Get what’s coming to you by amending your return. Read

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