Holiday caroling is a great neighborhood tradition. Here are a few tips to help make it a fun night.

1. Plan ahead
Send out emails or stop by neighbors’ houses to invite them to join you. You can have fun decorating a flyer to pass out as a reminder.

2. Create a song list
Know ahead of time which classics you’ll want to sing – it may even be worth coordinating a practice session. Many people grow up singing different versions of even the most common holiday songs, so don’t forget to print copies of lyrics or provide a link to download to phones to keep everyone consistent.

3. Time it right
Pick a weeknight or a Sunday afternoon for your outing to increase the chances of neighbors being home. Plan to go after dinner, but before bedtime, generally between 6-8 p.m.

4. Light the way
Bring flashlights, LED candles, or even a candle app to keep the group together and help you read music. Matching glow sticks can also be fun!

5. Don’t forget to jingle
Bells, triangles, or even a set of keys help your song sound more dynamic. It’s a great way for people too bashful to sing in public to participate.

6. Bring snacks
Pack up holiday cookies to eat, share and deliver to your neighbors as you go.

7. Roll out the wagon
You’ll be glad to have somewhere to keep extra layers, mugs of cocoa and goodies to give away.

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