November, 2015

How to Not Burn Down the House While Cooking the Turkey

If you decide to deep fry a turkey, move away from the house and use a long-handled tool, as this firefighter shows.By HomeInsurance.comThe countdown to turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie has begun. Thanksgiving’s arrival means many of us are scouring the closet for pants with stretchy waistbands so we can prepare to feast. The holiday […]

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Before You Call the Handyman: 7 Ways to Save

When something breaks, immediately calling the professionals may not make the most sense. As a homeowner, sometimes it feels as though the constant stream of repairs, upgrades, and replacements is never-ending. Winter maintenance makes for a cozy cold season, especially in cities such as Minneapolis and in other northern towns, while summer is all about […]

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6 Ways to Get Your Listing Ready for Photos

Picture this: You’ve worked with your new seller for days to get her home ready for sale. She’s repainted, cleaned the carpets, and even worked with your favorite stager to rearrange and add some furniture. It’s nearly ready to hit the market, but first you need to take pictures. Here are six tips to get […]

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